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Citra Sipper

The creation of the Citra® Sipper goes back
to the early 1900s when Charles Schiller, a
citrus grower, invented what was originally
known as the “citrus sucker.” Mr. Schiller
created this useful tool to easily
get fresh squeezed juice in a
super-fun way. The sucker
became the “Sipper
made its debut at the
1933-34 Chicago World’s
Fair. Over 50,000 were
sold before World
War II.

In 1954,
Nan Norman
(Charles Schiller’s granddaughter), and her husband, Don, founded Citra Products of Florida. For over 55 years, the company sold thousands of Citra® Sippers and also Citra spoons, knives, peelers, and juicers to people living in, traveling through, or just dreaming about Florida. What memories we have — finding the Sipper in our Christmas stockings, sipping juice straight from an orange at the beach, hungrily watching mom use the Citra peeler knife to cut juicy bite-size pieces of grapefruit.

In 2012, McClain’s Old Florida Gourmet purchased this cool little company from the Norman family. We will stay true to the Schiller/Norman legacy of high-quality products and customer service and we will continue to make all of the Citra utensils in the USA.


The company has a long tradition of partnering with local nonprofits in creative ways. Responding to unmet needs in the community, Nan Norman and two nonprofit organizations created programs for people to gain work experience and training. In Winter Haven, teenage students in Lake Region High School’s special education classes have assembled Citra products for over 20 years, gaining life and job skills. Clients of the Uparc Foundation in Clearwater have also relied on Citra products for job training for several years. McClain’s Old Florida Gourmet will continue to partner with these organizations.

Citra® products — the Citra® Sipper, Peeler Knife, Fruit Spoon, OJ Squeater, Mr. Skinner, and many more — are safe for schools and airports. You can find these products that make eating fruit fun in grove stores, beach stores, and other markets across the south, amusement park shops, and the “in-stores” section of

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